Performance Date Requested *
Performance Date Requested
What other artists are peforming? (If None, Put "None")
(i.e. Coachella, Newport Jazz Festival, Susies 50th Birthday Party, etc.)
Venue Address *
Venue Address
How many people can the venue hold at maximum capacity?
if none, enter ( 0 ). Does not apply for private events.
if none, enter ( 0 ). Does not apply for private events.
Time of Doors *
Time of Doors
Time of Show *
Time of Show
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Artist Requested Performance Time
How long the band plays before stopping. (i.e. 45 minutes, 60 minutes, etc.)
Versus/Plus/Bonus? Put details here. If a flat deal or you don't know what this is, just put "none".
If free, put $0.00. If multiple prices, but the least expensive price here and add the other prices in "Additional Notes to Agent" below
Does the venue take a percentage of ARTIST merchandise sold? If so, enter it here. If not, enter "0".
Production Provided By Buyer? *
(Sound & Lights)
Backline Provided By Buyer? *
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Beverage Tab Provided By Buyer? *
Accommodations Provided By Buyer? *
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Travel Provided by Buyer? *
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Ground Transportation Provided By Buyer? *
(Car, Van, Shuttle from Arrival Location to Hotel, to Venue and back)
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Buyer Name
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Buyer Phone
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Buyer Cell
Buyer Signatory *
Buyer Signatory
(Who signs contract? This person's email must be provided)
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Buyer Mailing Address
Production Contact Name *
Production Contact Name
The person who the artist's team should talk to about sound and lights. If you don't know yet, just put your info and specify the circumstances in "Additional Notes To Agent" below.
Production Contact Cell *
Production Contact Cell
Marketing Contact Name
Marketing Contact Name
Who should the artist's team be in contact with regarding promotion of the show? If this doesn't apply, just leave blank.
Marketing Contact Cell
Marketing Contact Cell