Canadian born, Jamaica raised Nova Rockafeller is a veteran in the hip hop scene, touring with legends like R.A. The Rugged Man, ICP and Killah Priest through Canada, the US and Europe, she also crossed over into the pop punk scene by touring as main support for All Time Low, and performing at RiotFest in Toronto. No stranger to the cool kids either, Nova made an entire EP with LA’s own DJ Nobody and had a month long residency at Low End Theory. 

She’s an alternative rapper whose upbeat records boast huge hooks and technical but engaging verses. She has crossed over to mainstream multiple times just to return to her roots as a hard hitting emcee, only to go back and smash through pop singles, repeatedly. If the Beastie Boys were an angsty young adult in 2018 - you’d have Nova.

Landing a major record deal with Island in 2013 off an album she made in her basement, she’s been undeniable since the beginning. Spending her teen years living in group homes and getting kicked out of every school she went to, she has always been against the system. With her major deal, that became apparent. When they wanted a radio single, she delivered, as she does, but in her own way. “Made in Gold” was her anti-pop smash, trashing the music industry, yet climbed the chart to #17 on Sirius Hits 1 weeks, getting syncs in The Duff, The Sims and a Rogers Canada commercial. 

Since then her songs have been featured on MTV Siesta Keys, Bad Girls Club and Dancing With the Stars to name a few, but Nova went under the radar to get out of her deal and rebrand, tired of trying to dumb herself down to make herself more accessible, she’s now doing the opposite. She’s being herself; A force to be reckoned with. Her most recent release, a vicious response to the industry, grew to 500,000 views on facebook in just a few weeks. With an EP in the works and her cult following in her back pocket, the world has only seen the beginning of Nova Rockafeller.